Application Manufacturer
Fans (24 hour quick ship) Jenco (formerly Jenn Air)
Gas detection systems & services Toxalert
Draft control systems Enervex (formerly Exhausto)
Terminal Units, grilles registers Tuttle & Bailey
Kitchen hoods/custom air distribution Kees
Humidifiers Humidity Source
Electric heat/duct heaters Markel
Chimney systems Security Chimneys
Fire dampers, smoke dampers Air Balance, Prefco
Electric heat Berko
Control dampers & louvers Air Balance, MetalForm
Sound attenuators Commercial Acoustics
Start collars/bellmouths Buckley Air Products
Air Doors Mars Air Door
Variable frequency drives Yaskawa
Flex duct ATCO
Gas fired infared heaters Combustion Research (Reflect-O-Ray)
Fabric duct Air Distribution Concepts
Air flow measuring stations Flow Measurement Technologies
Corrosion resistant fans Plastec
Dust collectors, vehicle exhaust systems AQC


Most gas detection systems are never properly commissioned and ARCO is taking a lead role in testing every gas detection system we sell. This testing ensures the intake louvers and exhaust fans operate properly.

We have recently added some exciting new product lines including Flow Measurement Technologies Inc ( thermal dispersion type air flow measuring stations), a pioneer in the air flow measuring business.

Download Tuttle & Bailey's ToolBox to your PC for a simple, easy to use sizing and selecting program for Terminal Units.

Enervex (formerly Exhausto) recently introduced an economizer/heat exchanger that will extract heat from flue systems. When paired with a draft fan system the efficiencies of an older boiler plant can exceed 90%. Call ARCO to discuss this application in detail. For all draft control applications, ARCO will size flues and determine fan size, call us for help on your next project.

JENCO fan now has high temperature and UL smoke control listings.

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