Application Manufacturer
Fans (24 hour quick ship) Jenco (formerly Jenn Air)
Gas detection systems & services Toxalert
Draft control systems Enervex (formerly Exhausto)
Terminal Units, grilles registers Tuttle & Bailey
Kitchen hoods/custom air distribution Kees
Humidifiers Humidity Source
Electric heat/duct heaters Markel
Chimney systems Security Chimneys
Fire dampers, smoke dampers Air Balance, Prefco
Electric heat Berko
Control dampers & louvers Air Balance, MetalForm
Sound attenuators Commercial Acoustics
Start collars/bellmouths Buckley Air Products
Air Doors & curtains & makeup airhandlers Mars Air Door
Variable frequency drives Yaskawa
Flex duct ATCO
Gas fired infared heaters Combustion Research (Reflect-O-Ray)
Fabric duct Air Distribution Concepts
Air flow measuring stations Flow Measurement Technologies
Corrosion resistant fans Plastec
Dust collectors, vehicle exhaust systems AQC


Stocked Inventory Items

We stock the Buckley bellmouth and their other start collars. We also stock a wide range of the common layin diffusers from brands that offer alot for a very good price. Many contractors use ARCO for their 2x2 lay-in and slot needs. See our listing below. What we do not stock is available from our manufacturer's - usually in 3-5 business days.

If you want to SAVE big $$ on your diffusers give Tuttle & Bailey a try, call us and we'll be happy to send you a free sample.

Call us at 630-350-1770 to check stock. We deliver the same day or you can arrange for a pick-up. We are conveniently located in Bensenville, IL.   Map

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Ceiling Diffuser
Perforated w/round neck 4-16" Lay-in, supply or return
24" X 24" 12" X 12"
Ceiling Diffuser
High capacity four cone (three cone too) with round neck 4-14"
24" X 24"
Ceiling Diffuser
Plaque diffuser 6-14"
24" X 24"
Ceiling Diffuser
48" 2 slot insulated, with center T, X-notch and non X notched. 24" in stock too!
8" RND & 10" RND;
Supply register Double deflection with damper. Many sizes stocked.
24" X 12"
Return Grille 38 deg blade setting. Lay-in or surface mount
24" X 24"
Return Grille Egg crate. Lay-in installation
24"x24" & 24"x12"
Duct Fittings Take-Offs with and without damper
5" to 20"
Buckey Take-Offs with and without damper
4" to 20"
Air Tite

Buckley Connectors with and without damper
5" to 20"
Shoe Fitting

Available with and without damper. Mfg: Buckley
5" to 14"
Duct Access Doors

24ga 1" thick double-wall construction
1" insulation
two cams
6" X 6"
8" X 8"
10" X 10"
12" X 12"
14" X 14"
16" X 16"
18" x 18"
20" x 20"
24" x 24"

Flex & Straps

ATCO insulated and non-insulated
4" to 16"
We are continually adding lines to our inventory.
Please check back with us on a regular basis or contact us
if there is a line you think we should stock.

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